Arabella / Orange Blossom Bridal Headpiece

Arabella / Orange Blossom Bridal Headpiece


ARABELLA Orange Blossom Bridal Headpiece

This captivating headband features a composition of intricate cold porcelain clay flowers, adorned with fancy orange blossoms, leaves, and an abundance of delicate buds.

Lightweight and Resilient Floral Artistry

Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures that each flower and leaf is lightweight, gently flexible, and shatterproof. The result is a headband that effortlessly combines artistic allure with durability.

Unique Beauty, Handcrafted with Care

Each flower is a testament to the dedication poured into its creation, making every Orange Blossom Bridal Headpiece a unique piece of art. While slight variations in color and shape may be present when compared to the sample photo, these differences are a tribute to the handcrafted authenticity and craftsmanship that define our work.

Embrace the allure of a bridal headband that seamlessly blends artistry, elegance, and individuality. With Style 819, you step into a world where beauty and craftsmanship unite to make your special day truly unforgettable.

Should you wish to make any changes to the design, color, or size of this headband, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to bringing your bridal vision to life.

Choose the  Arabella Orange Blossom Bridal Headpiece a journey defined by unique, handcrafted beauty. Explore the world of bespoke elegance at Lena Rom.

Handcrafted in Spain. Worldwide shipping.

Production and delivery times

In the case you may need your item before the indicated delivery time, or if you are seeking a possible personalisation, kindly consider to contact us, before may formalise your order.

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Arabella Orange Blossom Bridal Headpiece

Rush order

If you have a rush order, please let me know before purchasing when you need the item. Include your wedding date and your location. I will advise you if the piece that you have selected could be able on time.

Are custom designs available?

I am more than happy to receive custom orders, whether it could be a slight change in the design or change in the colour of an existing item, or a totally original creation you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and we together will make it possible.

Can I order exactly same headpiece?

You have to consider that each piece is made completely by hand, so no two pieces will be completely equal and because of the nature of handmade items you may expect slight differences from the original.

Arabella Orange Blossom Bridal Headpiece